A job well organized and done well.
That’s a matter of principle for each of our drivers – your Transportman.
A hero who gets behind the wheel of one of our cars every day to fulfil
every request from our demanding customers. If you become one of
those customers, you can expect a perfect logistical service. Every
Transportman’s primary weapon is time flexibility and their determination
to execute any task at 101 %. The stable of black-yellow heroes with
their unmistakable caps and the “T” logo on their chests make for a
stable team of people who get a nice, warm feeling from delivering your shipment.


Each and every Transportman is able to deliver anything that you need, quickly, safely and, most of all, effectively. What they like the best is delivering individual and pallet shipments. They also do it EU-wide. You can look forward to a professional approach on both collection and delivery – and to a smiling face! You call, we make the arrangements, we collect, we deliver – everything’s easy, without any stress. The shipment is not needlessly stored anywhere. Instead, we focus on as speedy a delivery as possible. With us, you can be sure that a car will soon arrive and the collection and delivery will be quick, and so will the transfer from the truck to a van or vice versa, if that’s necessary.

The Transportman is given specific tasks – and each such job requires individual calculation. Don’t hesitate to contact us; we’ll get in touch quickly and find the optimal price for you.

Life on the road is not easy. For daily battles with the clock, the traffic and not-always-smooth roads, you need quality equipment. Transportmen rely on modern vehicles from Fiat, Mercedes and MAN. Dozens of our vans and trucks are at your service – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At the same time, the Transportmen are not only protecting your shipments, but also the environment – all our cars comply with the Euro 6+ emission standards.

The Armory

Fiat Scudo Maxi / 900 kg

Cargo area height 1,68 m
Cargo area width 1,60 m
Cargo area length 2,39 m
Width between the wheel wells 1,25 m
Side door width 0,89 m

3 euro pallets

MAN TGE Maxi / 1.300 kg

Cargo area height 1,80 m
Cargo area width 1,75 m
Cargo area length 4,85 m
Width between the wheel wells 1,38 m
Side door width 1,32 m

5 euro pallets

Renault Mascott / 3.000 kg

Cargo area height 2,20 m
Cargo area width 2,20 m
Cargo area length 5,50 m
Hydraulic tail lift

10 euro pallets

Fiat Ducato Maxi / 1.300 kg

Cargo area height 1,90 m
Cargo area width 1,56 m
Cargo area length 4,00 m
Width between the wheel wells 1,44 m
Side door width 1,23 m

5 euro pallets

Mercedes/MAN / 24.000 kg

Curtain-side trailer
Cargo height 2,50 m
Cargo width 2,48 m
Cargo length 13,62 m

Frigo – Refrigerated trailer
Cargo height 2,30 m
Cargo width 2,48 m
Cargo length 13,62 m

33 euro pallets

From the Transportman’s diaries

Fresh newspapers

If you need a special logistics service, you call
the Transportman. That’s why we weren’t
surprised when one of our clients
asked us to deliver his guests something to read on the flight.
That wouldn’t be so special, if they didn’t want to have
the current Czech newspaper on the flight from Nice to Prague.
We collected the fresh newspapers from the printers in Prague
on 4:30 AM, to hand them over to stewardess on the flight
back to Prague on 1:30 PM.

Parisian exhibit

The Paris auto show is a traditional venue
for new car premieres. Some of them are design studies
or concepts, which are being worked on until the last moment.
With one of them, we only have 24 hours to pick it up
and safely deliver it to its destination. Neither the tight
schedule nor the heavy traffic in the French capital did
prevent Transportman from taking part in a successful show.

Little part, big problems

People love yogurts, so the production lines are
running non-stop. However, the production plant
of one of the Europe’s foremost producers in Netherlands
needs some maintenance time from time. The thing is,
the production outage must not be longer than 48 hours.
In that time, a part from the stirring machine is taken
for inspection and repair to Czech Republic and from there,
it must get back to its place as soon as possible.
The perfect solution is a car with a fast and reliable driver.
Once again, Transporter didn’t disappoint and saved
the humanity from a yogurt crisis!